Prepaid funerals in Drysdale on the Bellarine, and the greater Geelong region

There are two ways we can help you plan ahead: prepaid or pre-arranged funerals.

Prepaid and pre-arranged funerals can be a source of great comfort to you and your family:

  • Your express wishes are reflected in the organisation and conduct of your funeral.
  • Your family has less to worry about at a traumatic time in their lives.
  • In the case of prepaid funerals, the financial burden is reduced and prices are locked in at today’s rates.
  • If you are a pensioner, prepaid funeral payments can potentially help maximise your pension entitlements.

Prepaid funerals

Prepaid funerals give you the ability to arrange and pay for your funeral today. In doing so, they give you a chance to tell people how you would like to be remembered and make sure this is reflected in your service.

William Sheahan Funerals offer four ways to manage your prepaid funeral.

Full pre-payment

Where you confirm your choices and make the full payment. As the funeral is fully paid, a significant burden is removed from the arrangement of your funeral.

Partial pre-payment

Where you confirm your choices and make a partial payment. This can reduce the burden your family or loved ones face.

Time payment

Which is like a fully prepaid funeral, however, payments are made over time rather than in a single lump sum.

A funeral bond

Where you can invest a sum of money into your funeral. If the bond paid exceeds the cost of your funeral, the excess funds can be deposited into your estate. Similarly, if the bond does not cover the full funeral cost, the difference can be billed to your estate.

Your investment is safe

When you prepay a funeral or invest in a funeral bond, your money is a State Government approved investment. We are unable to access your funds until we can provide proof of service.

In this way, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your investment is safe and your wishes are taken care of.

Pre-arranged funerals

Pre-arranged funerals give you the chance to make all the necessary arrangements without prepayment. With pre-arranged funerals you can ensure your wishes are reflected in your funeral when the time comes.

It pays to involve your loved ones

If you’re prepaying or pre-arranging your funeral it pays to let your family or loved ones know. You can also discuss your wishes with them. They can then be fully aware of your plans and be ready to support your wishes when the time comes.

William Sheahan Funerals can also assist you with all funeral services including funeral arrangements and bereavement care.