Bereavement care in the Bellarine and Geelong region

The death of someone close is one of the most traumatic experiences we will ever face. While it can be a time for celebrating a life well-lived, we cannot help but feel sadness and grief over the loss of someone very important to us.

At the same time, there are a great many demands on us.

There is the immediate task of the funeral arrangements. Easing this burden is a major part of the service the funeral directors at William Sheahan Funerals provide.

There is also the need to finalise affairs and, in some cases, pack up houses and possessions.

There is the pressure to quickly return to normal life – to meet the needs of employment and family.

And, for many, the death of a loved one can bring upheaval. This can happen, for example, on the death of a partner and fellow-parent or, in older age, on the death of a person you have relied on for most of your life.

Bereavement is a normal part of life. We will all experience grief on the death of a loved one. Sometimes, however, the burden can be so great or the demands so extensive that this grief can begin to take over our lives.

This is when help is needed.

At William Sheahan Funerals in Drysdale, bereavement care is a no-cost and very important part of our service.

Our funeral directors are trained to recognise grief and to provide advice on how you can access support.

At the same time, we are always there when you need us. You can telephone, email or visit us if you need someone to talk to.

There are also many other experts and service providers you can contact. These include:

The most important thing to remember is this. If you are experiencing a level of grief that you feel is excessive, please seek help.

You can overcome it.